AI|ML across Industries

From the world's largest enterprises to emerging start-ups, more machine learning is built on AWS than anywhere else. AWS customers use machine learning to improve the quality of healthcare, fight human trafficking, provide better customer service, and protect you from fraud.

  • How AWS is Changing Business with AI4:01

    How AWS is Changing Business with AI

    AWS is Changing Business with AI

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  • Automotive: Drive.ai1:52

    Automotive: relies on AWS for their high-performance IT Infrastructure so they can focus on what they do best - building the brains behind the self-driving car.

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  • Automotive: Creating Personalized Intelligent Brand Experiences2:01

    Automotive: Creating Personalized Intelligent Brand Experiences

    In this video, discover how AWS can be used to create your own intelligent, personalized in-vehicle experiences for your customers.

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  • Automotive: Audi, Zerolight and AWS1:05

    Automotive: Audi, Zerolight and AWS

    AT CES2019, Audi, Zerolight and AWS showcased a revolutionary Automotive customer engagement platform using AWS EC2 to deliver customized content on-demand and real-time machine learning.

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  • Financial Services: Capital One2:45

    Financial Services: Capital One

    Using AWS, Capital One turns data into insights through machine learning, allowing the company to quickly innovate on behalf of its customers.

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  • Healthcare: Babylon2:05

    Healthcare: Babylon

    Watch Dr. Ali Parsa, CEO and founder at Babylon, discuss how AWS allows the company to innovate with artificial intelligence and scale globally.

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  • Healthcare: GE Healthcare9:23

    Healthcare: GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare is using Amazon SageMaker to build, train, and deploy machine-learning models that help care providers identify health issues faced by people around the world.

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  • Healthcare: Cerner10:00

    Healthcare: Cerner

    Cerner uses AWS and big data to gain actionable, real-time insights, simplifying healthcare delivery while reducing costs for payers, providers, and patients.

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  • Life Sciences: Life Science Manufacturing

    Life Sciences: Life Science Manufacturing

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  • Amazon SageMaker: ML for every developer and data scientist

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  • Manufacturing: Georgia Pacific1:26

    Manufacturing: Georgia Pacific

    Learn how Georgia-Pacific optimizes processes and saves millions of dollars yearly using AWS Machine Learning.

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  • Manufacturing: Fender9:47

    Manufacturing: Fender

    Fender went all in on AWS to better engage with customers and gain supply-chain efficiencies.

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  • Smart Factory and Manufacturing with AWS Cloud3:36

    Smart Factory and Manufacturing with AWS Cloud

    Digitally transform your manufacturing operations with the AWS Cloud to optimize production, speed time-to-market, and deliver innovative products and services. Learn more about AWS for manufacturing

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  • AI|ML for Developers

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  • Media & Entertainment: Formula 110:07

    Media & Entertainment: Formula 1

    Formula 1 is using AWS machine-learning and data-analytics services to change the way racing fans interact with the sport, predict car performance, and bring better information to fans.

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  • Media & Entertainment: NFL12:10

    Media & Entertainment: NFL

    NFL leverages AWS’s broad range of cloud-based machine learning capabilities to take its advanced stats to the next level and deliver deeper insights to fans.

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  • Non-Profit: Thorn3:24

    Non-Profit: Thorn

    Thorn developed Spotlight, an app that helps law enforcement close trafficking cases much faster than by using traditional manual methods.

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  • Travel: Expedia Group6:10

    Travel: Expedia Group

    Expedia Group created deep learning algorithms run on Amazon EC2 P3 instances to find and showcase relevant and high quality hotel pictures from 10’s of millions of photos.

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