Building the future from home

Working from home has suddenly become a reality for many people around the world and without the benefit of face-to-face interaction, Amazonians have adapted to stay connected with customers and colleagues while working remotely.

For many people, working remotely may mean no long commutes, more time with pets, or even more flexibility in work schedules. Virtual stand ups, Coffee chats and Chime groups have helped everyone stay connected with their colleagues virtually.

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"Working from home, I have been able to remain connected to not only customers but also colleagues, by creating an accessible virtual environment where knowledge can be shared. My team has an open bridge for anyone who wants to brainstorm on a topic or just wants to hear the voices of their peers. The biggest surprise was that I am equally productive working from home as I was working from the office."

"As a new intern, I have on-boarded completely virtually. Every day I speak to colleagues across the world and it's like they're sitting next to me. I know they will always find the time to share their screen and talk me through any new programs and systems I need help with."

"The best part about working from home is that it feels even more inclusive when you have a meeting, opposed to previously when some people may be in the room and others would be virtual. Now it feels like everyone is in the same room, even if it is virtual".

"Every morning we hold a virtual stand up meeting as a whole team to provide updates on what we are working on and any challenges we face. The biggest surprise about working from home was that I prioritise my work in a better way, which led me to being more productive. AWS has great internal tools for sharing knowledge, trainings and collaboration. If I ever have a challenge or question, most of the time I find the solutions there."

"Working from home, it is important to be flexible and take everyone's personal circumstances into account. There has been a real focus from the AWS leadership team from the beginning to make sure we all take the time to rest, switch off, spend time with loved ones, stay safe and recharge properly. Despite being a new joiner who was 100% virtually on-boarded I was given a solid plan to follow for the first two months which gave good structure to my day and immediately got me in touch with my colleagues".

"I try to have my camera on as much as possible, I think this brings a more natural experience to our virtual conferences. My manager has helped and supported me to achieve a work life balance alongside caring for my two young children, giving me the option to work in times that are comfortable for my new schedule."

"Remote working has greatly improved my work-life harmony. I have more time and can therefore be more productive."

AWS Culture:

At Amazon Web Services, we don't mind being called "peculiar." Amazon's Leadership Principles serve as the foundation for how we work—even remotely. AWS employees use the 14 principles every day, whether they are discussing ideas for new projects, deciding on the best solution for a customer's problem, or interviewing candidates.

AWS is still hiring, and new employees are starting every week. Normally, those new employees would show up to our offices for their first day of work but today we are on-boarding people virtually from all over the world. 

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