What's Machine Learning? We sent some kids to find out!

How do you explain working in Machine Learning to a curious kid? A group of our ML specialists hopped on a call and gave it a try! 

View all roles in Machine Learning at AWS >>

View all roles in Machine Learning at AWS >>

Meet some of our ML builders and dive deep

Working in Machine Learning at AWS

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly growing in importance. We’re seeing more and more amazing AI/ML work being done in a variety of domains from home automation & mobile apps to financial trading & shipping logistics.

The AWS machine learning portfolio includes ML services, such as Amazon SageMaker, and AI services, including Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Lex. While the ML market is early in its maturity, many customers are looking for ways to incorporate into their business to improve customer engagement, optimise operations, manage risk, and glean more insights from their data.

We are looking for Software Engineers, Development Managers, Product Managers, Solutions Architects and Scientists as we build tools across the AI stack.

Applied Machine Learning experience is not required for all engineers, but our roles will provide a great way to grow in the field working with talented ML practitioners.

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