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Interviewing at Amazon Web Services

We have a 3-step process for Software Development Engineers:

1. Online assessment (coding challenge and work style test) to be completed in your own time
2. 60 minute phone interview with collaborative pair programming and behavioural questions surrounding the Amazon Leadership Principles
3. Final virtual interview

We’ll offer you preparation sessions with your Recruiter for Phone Interview and Virtual Onsite meetings so you'll know exactly what to expect and how best to prepare. We also have a bunch of preparation material on our careers site, so please take a look through the below:

Amazon Leadership Principles

This video provides valuable insight to help you be successful when interviewing for Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

Amazon Coding Sample

This video dives into a coding example and how candidates should approach, analyze and solve such problems when interviewing at Amazon.

Amazon System Design Preparation

This video tackles a system design example question and how candidates should approach, analyze and solve such technical questions.


Q. What is the opportunity?

A. At AWS, we are building highly scalable software systems, while creating micro-services and defining cloud infrastructure. To help architect and build these products and systems, we are hiring Software Engineers for a number of teams within AWS, from junior to senior level. 

Depending on where you want to grow your career, you can pick between several product focused and system teams in Berlin, Aachen, Cambridge, Dublin and Gdańsk. The teams are joining together to find passionate engineers that are a good fit for AWS and if successful you get to choose your preferred location/team subject to role availability. You will have the chance to speak and meet with various engineers working on different projects and you won't need to decide on the team until the end of the process.

Q. What programming languages do you look for?

A. You do not need to know a specific programming language before interviewing with us. However, familiarity with an OOP language will improve your chances to succeed in our interviews. You should be familiar with the syntax of one of the following languages: Java, Scala, Go, C#, C/C++, Ruby, Rust, Python or JavaScript. You can use any OOP language throughout the interview process. Previous experience with AWS or Cloud Computing is not a requirement.

Q. Is there a remote option?

A. All employees are currently working remotely until at least July 2021. However, this opportunity with AWS would require you to relocate to one of the following: Berlin, Aachen, Cambridge, Dublin or Gdańsk prior to your start date. Should you be successful, we will offer you a relocation package to help you and any family members who may come with you. 

Q. What is the salary range?
A. We cannot give you specific numbers at this stage, as this is determined by your experience and interview performance. However, we are offering competitive compensation packages: on top of your base salary, we offer a sign on bonus, Amazon stock and other benefits. To find out more information for a specific country, please ask your Recruiter.

Q. What is the first step?
A. Please send us your CV in English. Have a think about what locations you are interested in and let us know your top 3 choices.

Q. If I am being interviewed by different teams, where I will my final interviews take place?
A. As of now, all final round of interviews will be virtual. 

Q. Is English required?

A. Yes. AWS operates globally through the English language, and a working proficiency is required. However, AWS has employees from over 100 nationalities, with English being their second language!

Q. I have sent you my CV, what now?
A. We will send you a Codility task to complete as the first step. You may receive this via robot@codility.com so keep an eye on those junk/spam folders!

Q. I am not interested but might be in the future, can I reach out to you?
A. Yes! Please get in touch when you are ready. 


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