Systems Development Engineering, Dublin


SysDEs build software to increase operational performance and developer agility. They are DevOps thought leaders in automation and infrastructure of a product or service. Working with customers to understand business impacts, SysDEs identify problems that could arise from technical decisions.

They’re proficient in a broad range of technologies (hardware, software, networking, operating systems) and how these interact with one another in complex systems. Writing code to fix bugs, automating tasks, implementing monitoring, and dealing with infrastructural components within the large scale systems they build, there is no ordinary day for SysDEs.


AWS, Enterprise Engineering

Enterprise Engineering owns the key products, services, and tools Amazonians use to securely and reliably access corporate resources, communicate with one another, and collaborate with customers. Enterprise Engineering builds services ranging from network access to customer-facing software to meet the needs of our number one customer: Amazon. Over 600K Amazonians and variable staff rely on our products in 26 regions, over 300 corporate offices, more than 250 fulfillment centers, and over 800 other Amazon locations including logistics centers and physical retail stores.

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