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  • Running Containerized Microservices on AWS

    Running Containerized Microservices on AWS

    In this whitepaper we’ll explore best practices for running containerized microservices on AWS.

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  • Containers on AWS eBook

    Containers on AWS eBook

    Containers provide a standard way to package your application's code, configurations, and dependencies into a single object. Learn more in our eBook »

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  • Training & Certification eBook

    Training & Certification eBook

    With the right training, you lay the foundation for the modern application development best-practices that drive agility and innovation.

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  • Modern Application Ebook

    Modern Application Ebook

    Modern application development is a powerful, scalable approach to designing, building, and managing software in the cloud.

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  • DevOps Guide

    DevOps Guide

    Continuous integration and continuous deliver (CI/CD) helps you release applications rapidly. By automating the release cycle, CI/CD can also allow your dev team to spend more time on valuable tasks.

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  • Microservices Guide

    Microservices Guide

    Businesses increasingly want to develop applications quickly, deploy efficiently, and adapt on the fly. Microservices architectures enable you to do all of that, enabling rapid innovation.

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  • Serverless Guide

    Serverless Guide

    Serverless technologies empower development teams to focus on the business logic that drives competitive advantages. A serverless operating model eliminates infrastructure management tasks.

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