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Modern architecture for business agility The proliferation of fast, affordable computing has allowed companies of all sizes to create internal efficiencies and reach more customers through digital products. However, the ubiquity of tools, multiple paths to market, and changing consumer preferences means that businesses must innovate faster than ever to remain competitive. The way that digital products have been traditionally built just isn't fast enough to enable the innovation that's needed to win in the market. New architectural patterns New architectural patterns like microservices allow organizations to accelerate the pace of innovation. Modern applications built with microservices architectures enable innovation by distributing the effort and investment needed to test and deliver changes to the market. They allow fine-grained resource optimization and enable teams to rapidly scale both in how they build products and how they run them. What defines a microservices architecture? Specialized Each service is designed for a set of capabilities and focuses on solving a specific problem. If developers contribute more code to a service over time and the service becomes complex, it can be broken into smaller services. Distributed A microservices architecture breaks your application from a single process into multiple components that work together to deliver value. Any communication between individual components happens via well-defined APIs. Autonomous Each component service in a microservices architecture can be developed, deployed, operated, and scaled without affecting the functioning of other services. Services do not need to share any of their code or implementation with other services. Modern Application Development: Microservices Architectures A monolithic architecture may work today, but challenges often arise as your business grows. Microservices help you address common challenges like scaling up and deploying new features quickly. Microservices Monolith Breaking a monolith Breaking a monolith can be intimidating. Give your team some practice by inviting them to complete an AWS project that will walk them through the process of breaking a monolith into microservices. Try the tutorial

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