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5 STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: Sendy 'Even on my off time, I'm looking for new ideas' Recently, I contacted Netflix's customer care team after someone hacked my account and I was really impressed with their service. I made a note and sent it to Meshack, saying: 'Now we need to fix A, B and C of our customer care process.' When I'm travelling, I take stock of how addresses are written, or how people explain getting to a destination. I can't even go to a restaurant anymore without assessing the talent and wondering if I should hire the server to be on my customer care team. 'Running a startup is hard' If I were to give a word of advice to other entrepreneurs, it would be this: patience. Especially if you're starting a company in Africa, where everything takes longer and is less efficient. This is both the best job and the worst job ever. It's great because I'm doing what I want to do. I set my own goals and feel good when I accomplish them. But it's also lonely and horrible because it means I have to deal with everything and it all sits on my shoulders. Sometimes I dream about a normal job with a steady paycheck coming in at the end of the month. I would just show up and do my 40 hours and complete my to-do list and everything would be fine. I dream about that, but then I realize that I would have to deal with someone else telling me what to do. I would feel so marginalized and specialized and how fun would that be? Malaika Judd first learnt about Sendy when its founders Meshack Alloys, Evanson Biwott and Don Okoth pitched their idea to the venture capital firm she was working for. Sendy connects people who want to do a delivery, with drivers who do deliveries. Customers use Sendy to send a wide range of items, from letters to containers of cement. Sendy turned to AWS because it needed a reliable cloud provider. It now uses EC2, Amazon RDS and Amazon CloudWatch, amongst other services. www.sendyit.com At a glance Spotify account & internet connection required CONCENTRATE Rondo From Horn Concerto No.4 In E-Flat Mozart I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song Jim Croce CHILL-OUT FOUNDER STORIES PLAYLIST Founder Stories

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