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Seedlegals: AWS Startup Stories Notes from Founders Vol1

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1 STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: SeedLegals Making it easier for startups to access funding SeedLegals makes it easier for founders and investors to create all the legal documents they need to close early-stage funding rounds. Using automated legal processes, SeedLegals slashes the time needed to complete a funding round from months to days and cuts costs by 80 percent. The online platform was co-founded by Anthony Rose and Laurent Laffy in 2017. It proved an almost instant hit. SeedLegals is now used by 3,000 companies and is the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK. 'We spotted a problem and wanted to fix it' Laurent and I were staying at the same hotel in Rome for a mutual friend's birthday party when we got chatting. Laurent is an early-stage investor in more than 40 startups, including Lastminute. com, Graze and Secret Escapes. It's fair to say that he does funding deals like a grandmaster plays chess. He was explaining how angel investors are sandwiched between founders and VCs and end up being screwed from both ends. Founders often don't know what they're doing - documents are missing or the cap table isn't correct - so an investor ends up losing their tax benefits, or the investment they thought they were doing turns out to be something else. Then in later stage rounds, VCs come along and force preference shares, which put earlier investors at a disadvantage. Serial entrepreneur Anthony Rose started his first business while still at school in South Africa and has since gone on to create a string of ventures. As the person who launched the hugely successful iPlayer on-demand service, he was described as 'the man who saved the BBC'. Now co-founder and chief executive of London-based SeedLegals, Anthony is transforming funding rounds for startups and investors. He lives in central London with his wife. Anthony Rose Co-founder of SeedLegals

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