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Powtoon: AWS Startup Stories Notes from Founders Vol1

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15 STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: Powtoon 'I want to bring a spark of awesomeness to corporate life' It might sound childish but Powtoon really is about bringing a spark of awesomeness to people's lives. I love that I get to spend my days working with cartoon characters, high-energy people, beautiful colors and 'whizz bang', and I want to share that with everyone. When you look at how people use Powtoon and what they say about it, it's amazing. We had a testimonial from a lady who made a Powtoon for an office presentation and everybody clapped and asked: 'How did you do this? It's wonderful.' She told us: 'I felt like I cheated on a test because I used Powtoon.' 'Virtually every Fortune 500 company uses Powtoon' Video is the most powerful form of communication today and we're in a position to enable vast numbers of people to use it. We have a saying: 'When you can't afford to be ignored, use Powtoon.' That's not a marketing slogan, it's reality and we know that virtually every Fortune 500 company uses Powtoon in some department. We're permeating the business world so that everybody can add a touch of sparkle. As crazy as it sounds, it brings a touch of pink to their day. Sometimes people say: 'I work for a serious corporation; I would never use it,' but it's always those guys who fall head over heels for our product. So, to those who say Powtoon is not corporate enough, I say: 'No, my friend, this is the new corporate.' Ilya Spitalnik was behind the launch of Deutsche Bank's DB Markets E-trade system. He's been involved in several startup launches, including OILspace, German Property Investors and GreenWave. Ilya co-founded Powtoon with Daniel Zaturansky in 2012. 90 percent of Powtoon's traffic is generated through referrals. The business has received funding from Ilya through GreenWave and small amounts from other investors, but is mainly bootstrapped. Powtoon uses AWS data transfer services to move large data sets efficiently. www.powtoon.com At a glance Spotify account & internet connection required CHILL-OUT Future Looks Good OneRepublic FOUNDER STORIES PLAYLIST Founder Stories

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