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Elaia: AWS Startup Stories Notes from Founders Vol1

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5 STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: Elaia Partners Elaia Partners was founded in 2002 by Xavier Lazarus and Philippe Gire. The firm specializes in the digital economy and currently manages more than €250 million ($300 million) of investments. Partner Pauline Roux manages investments across a range of startups, including Tinyclues, Criteo, Agriconomie and talent.io. Pauline Roux joined venture capital fund Elaia Partners in 2014, after spending almost a decade working in investment banking. She's one of six partners at the firm and lives near Elaia's headquarters in Paris. Pauline Roux Partner at Elaia Partners 'We invest in game-changing technology' Elaia Partners has a very narrow focus. We mainly invest in disruptive tech startups, including software, big data, AI and complex technology companies that we feel have the potential to make a huge difference to the world. We invest in pre-seed, seed and Series A fundraising rounds, as well as some very early stage companies such as spin-offs from academic research or laboratories. Typically, we'll invest from €500,000 ($600,000) to €4 million ($5 million) as a first ticket, then we'll support companies along the road with reserves that we've kept aside for investing in Series A, Series B and so on. 'We'll never be the driver of a company, but we can help with navigation' We're the person in the passenger seat helping to read the map. We're not the driver, but we can offer advice. We avoid telling businesses what they should be doing and instead help them understand every challenge and figure out how to overcome obstacles. When you've helped 50 or 60 companies like we have, you get a lot of experience in different areas. For example, if one of our portfolio businesses asked us whether they should sell through direct distribution channels or indirect distribution channels, we'd be able to advise them. We're a bit like a mentor. Backing disruptive tech startups

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