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22 STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: Collibra 'My job is different every six months' Just as you have to evolve with your business, you also have to evolve in your own role. My job as CEO changes frequently. As long as I feel like I'm doing a good job and the board feels like I'm doing a good job, I'll just keep on doing it. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, which isn't always easy or fun, but it is important. You don't know what's coming, so you have to be ready to just jump in that black hole and go for it. It's important to keep focus, get everyone on the same page, execute effectively and balance new initiatives. 'Building a team can be challenging' The biggest challenge for me as CEO is the people. The people are the most important thing to get right and the hardest thing to get right. If you're growing quickly like us, from 300 to 400 people in one year, there are organizational challenges to deal with. You have to hire the right people and then make sure those people are successful. 'I get my best ideas while walking' I like to walk and when I'm thinking, I need to move. People see me pacing or walking around the office and they know I'm thinking. In general, when I walk outside I get the best ideas, when I can think about a subject long and hard. With all the craziness and chaos at work, I need calmness at home to feel balanced. I love to cook – it distracts me away from the business and at that moment I'm creating something, working with my hands and being creative. I also enjoy calm, quiet weekends with my friends and family. 'I'm a New Yorker now, but there's one thing I miss about Belgium' We still import chocolate from Belgium. In my opinion, there is no really good chocolate here in New York! 'Books are still important to me' My pictures are digital; my music is digital; and I read on my Kindle. But there are still some books I keep paper copies of because they have sentimental value. That book about Silicon Valley businesses is still on the bookshelf at my parents' house in Belgium. 'I hope my story inspires others' When I first read those Silicon Valley startup stories, it encouraged me to give it a try. Reading those stories was the most valuable, inspiring thing for me. That's why I don't turn down opportunities to speak at conferences or be interviewed for articles or books; I want to give back and tell people about my journey in the hope that it inspires others. And by no means is my story over. We are still in the thick of it; still executing our business and still learning as we go. Felix Van de Maele co-founded Collibra in 2008, with Stan Christiaens, Benny Verhaeghe and Pieter De Leenheer. As one of Belgium's first data governance platforms, it took a few years to really get established. At one point the business almost went under, but a lucrative contract won against IBM pulled it back from the brink. Collibra uses Amazon RDS to manage and scale databases and Amazon CloudWatch to monitor resources and applications. www.collibra.com At a glance Spotify account & internet connection required CONCENTRATE In The Waiting Line Zero 7 CHILL-OUT Airwaves Ray LaMontagne Alive Pearl Jam GET PUMPED FOUNDER STORIES PLAYLIST Founder Stories

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