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Codemotion: AWS Startup Stories Notes from Founders Vol1

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16 STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: Codemotion Chiara: 'We needed to figure out which direction to take' The most difficult part wasn't deciding whether to start Codemotion, but which exact direction to go in. We knew we wanted to create something new that would be available across Europe, but we also wanted to maintain a link with Java Day. And above all, we needed to impart a high level of passion for programming and build an employee-focused business plan. We summarized these ideas in our name – Codemotion is a combination of the words 'code' and 'emotion'. Mara: 'We attracted a lot of positive attention very quickly' We loved working together and quickly realized that Codemotion had major international potential. Within months of our launch, brands, programmers and tech communities responded to us, as did the Java user group in Italy. We knew we needed to arrange a launch event as soon as possible to capitalize on this attention so we set up a conference day in Milan - bringing together people in tech from all around Italy. Chiara: 'If you believe in your project, then you need to dedicate yourself to it full time' In those initial months when we were working on the Milan event, we were giving all our free time to Codemotion while ostensibly still working for other companies. We were exhausted all the time and realized that really wasn't the way to make Codemotion grow. We only had so many hours in the day so it wasn't humanly possible to fully immerse ourselves in the project. We analyzed the situation for days and days and even set up a business plan to see how we could survive financially. Until one day, we just turned to each other and said: 'Let's try!' Mara: 'Our families helped us financially and emotionally' Codemotion was born in April 2013 and I'll never forget those early months. We were nervous but also excited – a bit like that feeling when you first fall in love! We were lucky enough to have partners and families who were very supportive of us and who agreed to help us financially and emotionally. It's so important to rely on the people you love when you're launching a company, as it's a nerve-wracking thing to be doing and you'll need all the support you can get. It's also essential to be brave and believe in yourself when you have an idea – we knew that not doing it would be the most frightening thing though as we would always regret not trying. Mara: 'Look for a gap in the market and fill it' In 2013, there was nowhere in Europe for IT professionals to come together. The tech world moves so quickly and we realized that the industry urgently needed a platform devoted exclusively to it. We knew from the start that Codemotion needed to be all about innovation - allowing us to share the latest tech information and best practices with the tech community.

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