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Codemotion: AWS Startup Stories Notes from Founders Vol1

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STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: Codemotion 15 Chiara: 'Codemotion started with a random encounter' I was visiting my university professor in Rome and he suggested I meet Mara. We immediately found so much professional and personal commonground that we decided to work together. Without that random encounter, there would be no Codemotion. It's a particularly special feeling when you know the moment you meet someone that you'll be close to them. Mara: 'If the company you're working in has room for improvement, launch your own project' Codemotion was officially born five years ago, but in reality, it began further back than that. I was organizing a tech conference called Java Day and invited Chiara to join me. Java Day was considered groundbreaking at the time, but we realized there were real problems with the programming languages. Unfortunately, we didn't have the authority to fix them, which was frustrating. Java Day got bought out by another company and there were some internal complications so we both decided it was time to move on and start something ourselves. Launched in 2013, Codemotion connects tech professionals, communities and IT companies through a series of conferences, hackathons, employment fairs and IT schools. Today, the company has eight annual conferences spanning seven countries and attracts 570,000 developers a year. The startup has been widely-praised for inspiring women and young people to join the world of IT. Mara Marzocchi and Chiara Russo live in Rome – Mara with her partner and three cats and Chiara with her husband and young daughter. Driven by a shared passion for tech, these entrepreneurs have spun their friendship into a movement to connect IT specialists and encourage more people to pursue tech careers. Mara Marzocchi & Chiara Russo Co-founders of Codemotion Connecting the tech world

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