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Bynder: AWS Startup Stories Notes from Founders Vol1

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22 STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: Bynder 'I get my best ideas in the shower' I'm an ideas guy, so I'm always thinking. Give me a little bit of down time and I come up with ideas. Often, that's in the shower. Sometimes, it's walking the dog. Those kind of everyday tasks help my mind to focus. I stay motivated by finding the fun in solving problems. Coming up with new ideas and being creative is very motivating. It's easy to focus on the negative - to think that your job as CEO is all about putting out fires. I try to put those fires out in a more creative, fun way. After starting several micro- businesses as a teenager, Chris Hall launched his first 'real' business, Label A, in 2008. Chris recognized the need for a better process for transferring files and organizing asset sign- off, so launched Bynder in 2013. Bynder now offers digital asset management and marketing resource management services. It uses Amazon Rekognition to automatically tag images and videos. It has offices in The Netherlands, US, UK, UAE and Spain. Bynder received the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Rising Star Award in 2015. www.bynder.com At a glance 'I see the market for Bynder growing and growing' Digital assets are booming. They're basically driving businesses. If you're a guy trying to buy jeans, then the pictures and videos of those jeans are now more important than the store. Branding and visual assets are becoming more and more strategically important. Our market keeps growing, so there's a huge opportunity for Bynder moving forward. 'I don't have any possessions I can't replace' If my house was burning down, there's nothing I'd be desperate to save. I'd just let everything burn! My pictures are all safe in the cloud, so I wouldn't need to save any photo albums. I'd probably just grab my favorite jeans, sneakers and jacket, and away I'd go. Spotify account & internet connection required CONCENTRATE The Time Is Now Moloko CHILL-OUT White Mustang Lana Del Ray You've Got The Love Florence & The Machine GET PUMPED FOUNDER STORIES PLAYLIST Founder Stories

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