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Bynder: AWS Startup Stories Notes from Founders Vol1

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19 STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: Bynder Bynder was created to make marketing easier. While it started as a simple tool for storing and organizing images, Bynder soon grew into an innovative solution that enables teams to collaborate on content, streamline workflows and distribute content with ease. It now employs more than 350 people, operates out of seven international offices and recently acquired its main competitor - the US-based firm Webdam - from Shutterstock. 'I always wanted to be an entrepreneur' I was constantly starting businesses when I was a kid. My parents made fun of me for my 'get rich quick' schemes. I washed cars; I sold surfboards; I started all kinds of mini-businesses. I had 10 to 20 ideas and they all failed. But, I think the signs were there that I'd eventually become an entrepreneur. I launched my first 'real' company – a SaaS development agency called Label A, in 2008. We soon got tired of using zip files and USB drives to transfer customers' images, videos and files. It was a lot of hassle and our customers also wanted an easier way to distribute images to the press and other parties. So, we started developing our own organization tool to manage digital assets and streamline workflows. Basically, Bynder was born because we were scratching our own itch. 999+ As with many successful startups, Bynder began as a solution to a problem. Chris Hall's SaaS development agency Label A needed a better system for sending, receiving and organizing files, so Chris set about creating one. Bynder launched in 2013 and now serves more than 1300 companies worldwide. Chris currently lives in Amsterdam, but is planning to relocate to California with his wife and two sons. Chris Hall Founder of Bynder Making life easier for marketing teams across the globe

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