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Aerobotics: AWS Startup Stories Notes from Founders Vol1

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21 STARTUP STORIES Notes from Founders: Aerobotics Addressing the global food crisis 'Our company came out of the friendship between two ambitious students' I met James at the University of Cape Town. We often talked about starting a business together. He moved to the States to do his master's and I moved to the UK, but we kept pitching ideas back and forth. Aerobotics grew out of one of those ideas. 'We wanted to believe in our work and know that it could create change' Given the food shortages around the world, we both liked the thought of making crop processes more efficient. James comes from a farming family and studied aeronautical engineering, so he's interested in the drone space and agriculture. I'm interested in data science, neurotechnology and machine learning, so the idea of using machine learning based on aerial imagery excited me. As engineers, we both liked the idea of creating something new - the technology we needed didn't really exist at the time. According to UNICEF, 815 million people don't have enough food to eat. Poverty, conflict and global food shortages all play a part. Aerobotics' mission is simple. Using smart technology, it can help South African farmers improve their yields and minimize food waste. Aerobotics uses drones to give farmers a bird's eye view of their fields and turns those images into data, providing invaluable insights into moisture levels and crop health. Farmers are able to reduce their use of water, fuel and pesticides and tackle disease before it spreads. Benji Meltzer met his future Aerobotics co-founder James Paterson at university. Benji had a passion for data and dreamt of using it to change the world. James came from a farming family and had a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the problems faced by the agriculture industry. In 2014, the pair combined their skills, drive and ambition to launch Aerobotics. Benji Meltzer Founder of Aerobotics

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