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How to analyse your costs using AWS provided tools

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How to analyze your costs using AWS provided tools Cost Explorer is a free data visualization tool that allows you to view graphs of your AWS cost & usage data. This tool shows your costs retroactively for one year, likely spend forecast for the next twelve months and provides reports on Reserved Instance utilization, coverage and purchase recommendations. It is important to note that the current monthly charges estimated may differ from actual charges for the statement period. Cost Explorer axis viewing options provide you with the freedom to customize your own reports and locate additional cost information. Note: "Unblended" costs equals cost before discounts, and "Net Unblended" costs mean cost after discounts. Features: Time range: historical and forecast Time granularity: monthly by default, but you can select "daily view" for a more detailed cost breakdown Filtering: allows you to apply filters to customize your data sets as well as multiple filters for intersecting data sets Grouping: displays cost data groups by filter type Filtering and grouping functionality gives you the ability to dig deeper in to your data Cost and Usage Reports These provide a comprehensive view of billing data whilst listing AWS usage and cost for each product category used by accounts in a "consolidated billing family." The report is updated once a day, and you can opt to have it save all updates as multiple versions of the CSV files, or overwritten in a single version that will be stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. AWS Cost and Usage Reports can be used to track cost and usage at an hourly level, help identify and report on any anomalies, cost allocation based on tag and product meta data, and create custom chargeback and showback processes for your business use case. Frequent CUR utilization: Financial reporting with RI amortization RI cost reconciliation Monitoring RI Utilization Understanding RI Waste (unused RI costs) Understanding RI savings Monitoring RI coverage Understanding costs with EDP Trusted Advisor Trusted Advisor is a free online resource designed to help customers to reduce costs, increase performance, and improve security by optimizing their AWS environment. Core checks and recommendations are available to all AWS customers, it's automatically enabled and included at no additional cost. Full Trusted Advisor benefits are available with business or enterprise support plans. Cost optimization on Trusted Advisor: Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances Optimization Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance Lease Expiration Low Utilization of Amazon EC2 Instances Idle Load Balancers Underutilized Amazon EBS Volumes Unassociated Elastic IP Addresses Amazon RDS Idle DB Instances Amazon Route 53 Latency Resource Record Sets Underutilized Amazon Redshift Clusters Learn More on Trusted Advisor AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Trusted Advisor Best Practice Checks AWS Trusted Advisor for Everyone Controlling Access to the Trusted Advisor Console AWS Trusted Advisor Expands Functionality with new Best Practice Checks Learn More on CUR AWS Cost and Usage Report AWS Cost & Usage Report Managing AWS Cost and Usage Reports Creating an AWS Cost and Usage Report Viewing AWS Cost and Usage Report Files in Amazon S3 Reserved Instance Line Items Learn More on Cost Explorer AWS Cost Explorer Analysing your Costs with Cost Explorer What is AWS Billing and Cost Management? Accessing Reserved Instance Recommendations Viewing the Cost Explorer Reservation Recommendations Billing and Cost Management Permissions Reference Exploring your data using Cost Explorer

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