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To find more information on flexibility, capacity reservation and other RIs features, click here. Optimize your costs with Reserved Instances - EC2 Characteristic Standard Convertible Terms (avg. discount off On-Demand) 1yr (40%), 3yr (60%) 1yr (31%), 3yr (54%) Change Availability Zone, instance size (for Linux OS), networking type Yes (Using ModifyReservedInstances API and console) Yes (Using ExchangeReservedInstances API and console) Change instance families, operating system, tenancy, and payment option Yes Benefit from Price Reductions Yes Sellable on the Reserved Instance Marketplace Yes (After linking account with a US bank account) Coming soon The Five Pillars of Cost Optimization Measuring & Monitoring Right Sizing Your Instances Increase Elasticity Pick the Right Pricing Model Match Usage to Storage Class When you purchase Reserved Instances, you make a one- year or three-year commitment and receive a billing discount of up to 75 percent. For the right workloads, Reserved Instances can help you save money. What is a Reserved Instance? A Reserved Instance is not a physical instance. It is a billing discount applied to the use of On-Demand Instances in your account. These On-Demand Instances must match certain attributes to benefit from the billing discount. You pay for the entire term of a Reserved Instance, regardless of actual usage, so your cost savings are closely tied to use. Standard Reserved Instances … provide the most significant discount up to 75% off On-Demand) and are best suited for steady-state usage. Convertible Reserved Instances … provide a discount (up to 54% off On-Demand) and the capability to change the attributes of the RI as long as the exchange results in the creation of Reserved Instances of equal or greater value. Like Standard RIs, Convertible RIs are best suited for steady-state usage. Scheduled Reserved Instances … are available to launch within the time windows you reserve. This option allows you to match your capacity reservation to a predictable recurring schedule that only requires a fraction of a day, a week, or a month. Learn More Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances Amazon EC2 RI Pricing Reserved Instances Marketplace How to Purchase Reserved Instances

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