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Reserved Instance – Purchase, Modification and Exchange A Reserved Instance (RI) is not a physical instance. It is a billing discount applied to the use of On-Demand Instances in your account. The following diagram shows a basic overview of how Reserved Instances are applied. Modification You can modify your whole reservation, or just a subset. Please find below some guidance on what can be modified: Change the scope of an RI from AZ to Region and vice versa Move RI between AZs within a Region Change the network platform of an RI Change the instance size if the instance size footprint stays the same for Linux RIs What to consider before modifying an RI: AZ, Scope and Networking modifications are supported for Linux and Windows Instance size modifications are supported only for non-licensed Linux/UNIX (excluded: Red Hat or SUSE) Both Standard and Convertible RIs can be modified; non-EC2 RIs cannot be modified Changing the network platform is only applicable if your account supports EC2-Classic EC2 Convertible RI Exchange Take advantage of newer generation instance types. For example, exchange C4 RIs to M4 RIs if your application turns out to need more memory. The RI can be exchanged for other Convertible RI with entirely different configurations. It also can be purchased to apply to instances in a specific AZ, or in a region. Exchanging Convertible RIs is free of costs but you may be required to pay a true-up charge, which is a prorated cost of the difference between the old and new Convertible RI. As it is not possible to purchase half reservations sometimes, you will be required to purchase an additional Convertible RI to cover the remainder: 3.5 RI would mean to purchase 3 whole Convertible RIs + 1 additional Convertible RI. The fourth Convertible RI will have the same end date as the other three. If exchanging Partial or All Upfront Convertible RIs, you pay the true-up cost for the fourth reservation. Learn More on RI modification and exchanges Types of Reserved Instances (Offering Classes) Modifying Reserved Instances Support For Modifying Instance Sizes Exchanging Convertible Reserved Instances Learn More on RI purchase How to Purchase Reserved Instances Buying Reserved Instances How do I purchase an Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance? Purchasing Amazon Redshift Reserved Nodes

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