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THE CFO AND CIO: PARTNERS IN SUCCESS Finance and IT leaders have an opportunity to transform organisations together. To do that, they must look beyond their traditional roles. of CFOs think they should spend less time on traditional finance activities and more on strategic leadership. [1] 2/3 of the finance department's effort involves assembling data and resolving inconsistencies. [2] 30% The CFO role is often about control Saying "no" to spend Staying compliant Ensuring good audit reports Balancing budgets of CIOs say their main focus is efficiency, reliability, and cost containment. [3] of CIOs feel their digital strategy is only moderately effective at best. [4] 78% The CIO role is about service delivery Treating the business like a customer Pivoting in all directions according to business need Responding, not leading Pushes the right investments to drive company growth Makes risk-based decisions to increase competitive advantage Uses data to improve company performance rather than just report on it Drives innovation Guides the enterprise through the digital world Formulates strategy using a deep understanding of emerging technology CIO CFO The conventional CIO: The strategic CIO: The conventional CFO: The strategic CFO: 55%

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