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Health & Safety Luxembourg is among the safest countries in the world and has the one of the highest- ranking healthcare systems in the EU. Before you start your journey to understanding the healthcare system of Luxembourg, here are two acronyms you should familiarise yourself with: CCSS (Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale) or the Joint Centre for Social Security and CNS (Caisse Nationale de Santé) or the National Health Fund. If you work in Luxembourg, your employer will declare your employment to the CCSS which will send you a letter confirming you are part of the social security system. Once you are registered for work (and tax) you should receive your social security card which will cover you for illness, maternity, work related accidents or illnesses, old age, disability and long- term care. The card has a 13-digit national identification number which you must present to healthcare providers and use when you claim reimbursements for healthcare. For medical care costs, if you pay the costs upfront (either by card or invoice), then you must send the original paid and receipted invoices to the CNS (no stamp required) indicating your national ID number, and including details of your bank (RIB). Some healthcare costs can be settled directly between the CNS and the supplier. This is pretty much the case with pharmacies, and with hospitals, physiotherapy and laboratories. In this case you'll be asked to pay the portion of the cost that is not covered by the CNS. For more information: cns. Please note that since 2018, most of nursing and/or medical care are 100% reimbursed for children. Moreover, parents can between them take a fixed amount of paid leave for sick children as follows: 12 days between the ages of 0 to 3 years / 18 days between the ages of 4 to 12 years / 5 days between the ages of 13 to 17 years (if hospitalisation is necessary). Doctena is a website that would allow you to take an appointment with many types of doctors (you can filter by specialty, language, location):

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