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Tax, pay & finances Your tax card should be issued automatically within 30 days of registering at the social security office in Luxembourg. You will receive a new one every year. You will need to scan it and send it to Your tax card will include your address, your tax rate and deductions for entitlements such as dependent children. You would need to inform social security office if any of those change. Your income tax will depend on whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed, with or without children and over the age of 64. Your tax card instructs your employer to withhold a certain level of tax. Please note that the tax withheld may not be your final tax liability, and additional tax may be due with the tax return. Luxembourg follows a calendar year basis for income taxes so the tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Luxembourg residents must report their worldwide income on the Luxembourg tax return. Luxembourg non-residents are taxable on their Luxembourg sourced income. If they meet certain criteria, non-residents can elect to be treated as residents for tax purposes giving access to all available deductions. More information about tax classes: Detailed Tax guide:

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