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Renting in Luxembourg So you've decided to move to Luxembourg - congratulations, great choice! Now, to find somewhere to live! Finding and securing the right accommodation can be an arduous process wherever you are in the world, but hopefully we can help alleviate some of that stress. Luxembourg has a fast-moving real estate market that is driven by the dynamics of the highly mobile expat population. There is no shortage of great apartments and houses to rent but bear in mind that the demand is high. Having a clear set of criteria and being able to decide quickly will get you a long way. There are several popular websites that could be a great starting point in your home search such as:;; If you are moving alone and are looking to optimize your rental costs, house-sharing might be an interesting idea to consider. As an added bonus, it will help you meet new people quickly. You can find rooms to rent in the above websites, or at, en/ Home ownership is popular and is on the rise. If you are planning on staying in Luxembourg longer-term, it might be a good idea to consider buying your own home. What do I need to rent somewhere to live? You will need to provide a confirmation of employment letter from Amazon (your recruiter or HR contact will be able to help you with this), as well as a local bank account to process the deposit. You will generally be required to pay the landlord one to three months' rent as a deposit, as well as an additional month's rent to the real estate agency if there is one involved. A standard rental contract in Luxembourg is written for a fixed term of three years but could oftentimes be negotiated.

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