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Schooling & languages Luxembourg's three official languages are Luxembourgish (Letzeburgesch), German and French. They are taught in the schooling system. During the pre-school year and the first phase of primary school, teachers speak to pupils in Luxembourgish. Starting at age 6, classes are officially held in German. Pupils are learning reading and writing in German. Pupils begin to learn French the following year. In secondary school, German is the main language spoken in the first 4 years, but after that, French takes over. Primary public education in Luxembourg lasts nine years and is divided into four learning cycles as follows: • Cycle 1: 3-5 years old children. • Cycle 2: 6-7 years old children. • Cycle 3: 8-9 years old children. • Cycle 4: 10-11 years old children. The first year (early learning or Précoce - for children who turn 3 before 1 September of a given year) is optional. In Luxembourg, education is compulsory for children who turn 4 before 1 September of a given year. At the end of the primary school, students are directed to a secondary school, called Lycées. The Lycée secondaire (classical system) would prepare pupils for a university education. The Lycée technique would be more focused on vocational careers like technician, engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, architecture, etc., and are still eligible for university as well. Which school is most suitable for students is determined by a combination of factors: student's personal expected levels of proficiency, their results of tests, and the parents' opinion. Please note that there are private, European/international and alternative school options. Some of them offer the IB program.

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