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Business & leisure Did you know?: Luxembourg is one of the first countries where the Sustainability chapter at Amazon was created. There continues to be a growing and active group of ambassadors working on sustainability initiatives today. It's common for people living in Luxembourg to do some shopping in the neighbouring countries. Cities like Metz (FR), Saarbrucken (DE), Perl (DE) or Trier (DE) are within 60 minutes driving distance from Luxembourg. Public Holidays: Luxembourg offers 10 public holidays a year! • 1st January (New Year's Day) • Easter Monday • 1st May (Labour Day) • 9th May (Europe Day) • Ascension Day • Whit Monday • 23rd June (National Day - Grand Duke's Birthday) • 15th August (Assumption Day) • 1st November (All Saints Day) • 25th December (Christmas Day) • 26th December (St Stephen's Day) The Grand Duke's official birthday is the national day of Luxembourg and is celebrated on June 23rd each year (regardless of the birthdate of the current Grand Duke). The celebration begins on the eve of the holiday with a torchlight procession. Across the country you find different festivities including the military parade and firework display. The official ceremonies are attended by the members of the Grand Duke Family.

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