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Things to do in Luxembourg Hiking: Luxembourg has some very nice forests and areas for hiking. Its most popular one is the Mullerthal trail or also nicknamed as 'Little Switzerland'. It has a myriad of streams, caves and a craggy terrain. It's especially beautiful in spring and summer. If you want to stay in the city, the Petrusse Valley is stunning to stroll on a weekend. Casemates: The casemates are a series of tunnels and vaults that used to be part of the Luxembourgish fortress in earlier times and were used to defend the castle (no longer existing) and the city. They're over 1,000 years old, dating as far back as the 8th century and has been a UNESCO World Heritage since 1994. Castle sightseeing & wineries: Luxembourg is home to around 100 castles. The most famous one is the Vianden Castle as one of the largest fortified castles and dating from the 10th century. If you enjoy wine, head to the east of the country towards the Schengen area where you can find wineries and events in the warmer months. Day trips: Luxembourg city may be small, but many locals do a lot of day trips to Echternach, the country's oldest city, Trier in Germany (which is also the oldest city in the country) and home to Karl Marx or to Metz in France where you can find by the largest expanse of stained glass windows including works by Chagall in their cathedral. Brussels and Paris are only 2 hours away by car/train and there are many low-cost flights flying to and from Luxembourg such as Ryanair and Easyjet.

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