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Food & drink Bars and pubs: Contrary to some expectations, the night scene is alive and well in Luxembourg. What better testament to this than the existence of Rives de Clausen – a former brewery site turned bar and pub area with 10+ cool places to explore. There you will find a rock bar (Rock Box), cocktail lounge (Ikki), beer house (The Big Beer Company), and more. Other famous picks in Luxembourg include: Oscars – nestled in the picturesque old district of Grund, this is an institution among locals and offers a Karaoke night every Saturday; Urban in Centre Ville – hip and casual, around the corner from the Grand Ducal Palace, it is probably the most popular meeting place in Luxembourg; Rocas at Badanstaldt which can offer something for every taste - from stand-up comedy and trivia games to themed nights and live jazz. While you are out, do not miss tasting some Crémant de Luxembourg – the famous sparkling wine from Luxembourg's Moselle region which has a wine-making tradition dating back to Roman times. If you are a craft beer lover you should visit Craft Corner in Bonnevoie which is a Luxembourgish craft brewery or Tube bar in the centre. Both offer a wide selection of beers. Michelin star experience: Did you know that Luxembourg has more Michelin starred restaurants per capita than any other country in the world? There is much to choose from – Mosconi in Grund (Italian), Clairefontaine and La Cristallerie (in the city centre), La Distillerie (French) in Bourlingster, Lea Linster in Frisange (French), Les Jardins d'Anaïs in Clausen (European), or Ma Langue Sourit – the country's only 2-stars restaurant offering modern and imaginative cuisine in Oetrange, to the South-East of Luxembourg City. Food Trucks: Curious to discover new food but not keen on the travel involved? The food trucks have got you covered! Luxembourg has a lively and growing food truck scene and even its own annual food truck festival ("Eat It!") that takes place in October. Food trucks pop-up in various locations around the city and range from African, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Portuguese, Burgers, or Vegetarian cuisine.

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