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Culture & etiquette tips Socialising: Amazon organizes an employee summer and winter party every year. The summer party is family friendly with many activities for children, while the winter party is only for Amazonians and it has a fun costume theme every year. AWS and Amazon have regular social outings, but they are not mandatory. Colleagues will often socialise of their own accord for weekly dinner or drinks, enjoy sporting events together and organize staff nights out or activities together throughout the year. Be prepared to open up (as much as you want!) with your new workmates, you'll find they are a very friendly bunch. Languages: Luxembourg is a melting pot of cultures with people from all over Europe and the world. The main official languages are Luxembourgish, French and German, but you will also hear plenty of English. In the capital, you'll mostly hear French and English being spoken, but it's customary to greet people in Luxembourgish with 'Moien' and to bid farewell with '√Ąddi' when using public transport or at shops. It goes a long way and the locals really appreciate it. Learning basic French will definitely help and Luxembourg has an integration program (CAI) for free language courses and citizen education courses. Tipping: Although it varies in many countries, tipping in Luxembourg is not mandatory. In many places if the service has been exceptional, it's normal to tip around 10%. Tipping bartenders or taxi-drivers is not expected, though if you're feeling generous you can always 'round-up' a figure to the nearest Euro. Greetings: If you don't know someone or where they're from, a simple 'hello' wave will do. Otherwise, don't be alarmed if someone approaches you for a kiss on the cheek as it is customary. Usually it's twice (one on each cheek), but if you encounter a Luxembourgish it may be three times. Don't be afraid to tell people if you're not comfortable with these greetings, they'll understand. Embrace the melting pot: Luxembourg is home to many people from around the world. It is a great opportunity to learn from other cultures, their languages and exchange ideas. There are several language exchange groups, and also meet-ups to get to know others.

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