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Things to do in Gdansk Immerse yourself in culture: Gdansk offers a variety of festivals and events ranging from huge international music festivals such as Open'er and Sopot Music Festival in Opera Lesna, to smaller ones such as Cudawianki, the Jazz Festival or Neptunalia. Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, especially during the summer months offer a wide range of options! If you are a fan of cinematography, Gdynia Film Festival is one of events you want to attend. Go sightseeing: The north of Poland offers a variety of themes for sightseeing. In the Gdansk area you can find places related to medieval Poland (Mariacka Cathedral), Napoleonic wars (Wyspa Spichrzow), WW2 (Westerplatte) or the Solidarity Movement (Stocznia). If you are up for a day trip, you should visit Malbork (50 km away from Gdansk about 40 minutes train journey) where you will see the largest brick castle in the world. Explore the countryside: For nature lovers, head to Kaszuby. Picturesque hills, lakes and forests with old Kaszubian villages in Wdzydze or Szymbark can tell you the story of the old days in Poland. If you fancy a hike, head toward Leba and Slowinski Park Narodowy, where you have an opportunity to hike on 'moving dunes' that range up to 30 metres high. You can also visit the 'dead trees' forest known as Park Kormoranow. You will see an apocalyptic desert like forest with sand and black trunks of dead trees. Hit the beaches: Gdansk is a coastal city, and along with Sopot and Gdynia, offers a variety of beaches. You can try Stogi close to historic Westerplatte quiet Brzezno, windsurfing Jelitkowo or go straight to buzzing Sopot where you can have a walk on the largest pier on the Baltic Sea. Gdynia Orlowo beach offers spectacular views of the Orlowo Cliff. You can also go cycling, roller blading, skating or even jogging along the sea line, starting in Brzezno and finishing in Orlowo. Sports: As Gdansk was one of the cities hosting Euro 2012, the city invested in new sports facilities. You can check out Ergo Arena where they play most games (when not renting it out for concerts!). Poland is also quite keen on volleyball, handball and basketball so you can definitely watch local teams playing their matches in Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia. For wintersports, check out Sopot Pier for ice skating rink or go skiing in Wiezyca. During warmer months, go rollerblading or cycling along the sea.

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