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Welcome to AWS, Gdansk

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Food & drink Dining: If you live in Gdansk don't be surprised to find yourself having dumplings or pancakes every weekend. Look for Pierogarnia or Nalesnikarnia, where the home-made dumplings and pancakes attract large crowds. The busiest times are between 1 and 4pm - this is when Polish people have what they call 'obiad' which is the biggest meal of the day. Gdansk, being a coastal town, also offers great sushi. If you love sushi you must check it out. Another popular cuisine is Italian. There is a small Italian community in Gdansk and they will make sure you have pizza like in Napoli. When it comes to pastries, 'drozdzowka' is definitely a thing to have with your tea at 10am (known as the second breakfast) or in the afternoon when you need a sugary pick-me-up! The Motlawa River area and Gdansk Old Town have a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bars. Make sure you don't rock up too late though! Most restaurant kitchens close at 9pm. Tea and Coffee: When walking in the cold winter streets of Gdansk's Old Town, lots of people pop into cafes or tea houses for a hot drink. Don't be surprised if you find an option to have your tea or coffee enhanced with a bit of flavoured vodka! Drinks: Contrary to common belief that Poland is big only for vodka, you must also be mindful of the fact that we do make great beer. Depending on the mood, you can choose from deliciously flavoured vodkas or locally made ales. Make sure you try the traditional Gold Wasser - vodka infused with real gold pieces. It might sound weird but apparently gold is very beneficial for you!

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