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Welcome to AWS, Gdansk

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Culture & etiquette tips Dress up: Gdansk is a coastal city (and no, we are not speaking about the Mediterranean sea here), so always be sure to have your rain coat and an umbrella ready to face an unexpected breeze or shower. And once you are in our cosy office? We encourage a 'come as you are culture´ so please feel free to dress up just the way you feel most comfortable. Most employees prefer a casual style while costumer-faced roles dress appropriately to best represent AWS. Socialising: The Amazon Development Center in Gdansk has regular social outings as well as regular events like an Amazon Christmas Market or a summer party, but they are not mandatory to attend. Colleagues will often socialise on their own accord for weekly dinner, hitting the harbour side, enjoy sporting events together and organise staff nights out or activities together throughout the year. Tipping: Tipping is a different custom throughout the globe, so let's make sure to prepare you well for all the wonderful restaurants in the Stare Miasto (Old-town) or Cafés at the harbour. In Poland a tip of around 10% for eating or drinking out is seen as good manners. However, if you are not happy with the service, you should not tip. It is not common to tip taxi-drivers but of course you can always round up to the nearest złoty. Na Zdrowie!: You will hear this a lot while enjoying a night out with the best local drinks. Polish vodka is certainly the most famous kind of drink you might try out but in case you prefer a beer, do not be worried – with its big number of breweries it's a fantastic place for beer-lovers as well! For non-slavic speakers it might not be the easiest to pronounce a ´cheers´ (Nah zdrov-e-yay) but we are sure you will get used to it quickly! Just don´t confuse it with na zdravi (czech), nazdrave (bulgarian) or similar languages, the nuance makes the difference here! Small talk: Poland is not like a lot of other countries in that it doesn't have a culture of small talk. If you ask "How was your weekend?" Don't be surprised to get a response that is either "Why are you interested?' or alternatively, a 20 minute monologue about their entire weekend!

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