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Amazon Web Services Deep Learning on AWS Page 18 GPU acceleration software, including NVIDIA CUDA-X AI libraries to accelerate deep learning inference. With new T4-based G4 instances, you can make your machine learning inference easy and cost-effective. Amazon EC2 G4 is available in preview. Software AWS Deep Learning AMIs Even for experienced machine learning practitioners, getting started with deep learning can be time consuming and cumbersome. To expedite your development and model training, the AWS Deep Learning AMIs include the latest NVIDIA GPU-acceleration through pre-configured CUDA and cuDNN drivers, as well as the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL), in addition to installing popular Python packages and the Anaconda Platform. The AWS Deep Learning AMIs provide machine learning practitioners and researchers with the infrastructure and tools to accelerate deep learning in the cloud, at any scale. You can quickly launch Amazon EC2 instances pre-installed with popular deep learning frameworks and interfaces such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Apache MXNet, Chainer, Gluon, Horovod, and Keras to train sophisticated, custom AI models, experiment with new algorithms. Deep Learning AMIs are available in two different versions—Conda AMIs and Base AMIs. For developers who want pre-installed pip packages of deep learning frameworks in separate virtual environments, the Conda-based AMI is available in Ubuntu, Amazon Linux, and Windows 2016 versions. The environments on the AMI operate as mutually isolated, self-contained sandboxes. The AMI also provides a visual interface that plugs into your Jupyter notebooks so you can switch in and out of environments, launch a notebook in an environment of your choice, and even reconfigure your environment—all with a single click, right from your Jupyter notebook browser. For developers who want a clean slate to set up private deep learning engine repositories or custom builds of deep learning engines, the Base AMI is available in Ubuntu and Amazon Linux versions. The Base AMI comes pre-installed with the foundational building blocks for deep learning. The Base AMI includes NVIDIA CUDA

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