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Arriving in Bahrain More than 35 international airlines operate flights to and from the Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain's national carrier is Gulf Air, which typically operates numerous daily flights to Europe, Asia and other regions. Bahrain's international airport has a handling capacity of more than 100,000 passengers a week. The airport is situated in Muharraq Island, a 10-minute drive from the centre of the capital, Manama. Departing passengers are levied airport tax. On the other hand, arriving passengers are exempt from this tax and maybe required to pay customs duty on all items imported into the country with the exception of those that are intended for personal use. The airport supports ample modes of transportation, inclusive of car rentals, luxury transports, taxis, buses, and ferries. Getting Around The easiest way for you to get around the Kingdom of Bahrain is by car. Vehicles can be hired from any number of car hire companies. Highways and major roads are four to six lanes wide and well maintained; however, roads in villages and older parts of Manama and Muharraq may be narrow and twisting. Taxis are plentiful and can be hailed up from the street. It is compulsory for taxis to use tariff meters. Taxis in Bahrain should all have a meter and specific rates. The taxis all have a sticker with the fares outlined in the rear windows. The buses are air conditioned and comfortable for travel, and the routes can be accessed online. Bahrain Public Transport Company website has all the information on bus routes, bus stops and even a section on how to plan your trip. GO Card: A GO Card is the simplest way to use the buses. The machine will automatically charge the correct fare when you check-in and deduct the fare from the credit on the GO Card. These are widely obtainable and can be purchased from the Airport. They can be reloaded using the reloading machines found inside the bus, airport, and main bus terminals using the ticket vending machines or at the manned ticket offices.

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