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Things to do in Bahrain Parks: Bahrain has a growing number of public urban parks where you can enjoy the outdoors. Make sure to visit the first outdoor vertical park in the Middle East, located on the edge of Muharraq. Adding on to the list, Budaiya Botanical Garden features areas that are dedicated to palm trees, aromatic plants, wild plants and flowers. Other locations include, Andalus Gardens, Dohat Arad Park, Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park, The Lagoon Park, Princess Sabeeka Park, Khalifa Al Kubra Garden etc. Beaches: Being an island, it seems only fitting Bahrain has a choice of beaches - public and private - for you to go to and relax in the sun. To name a few Abu Subh Beach, Al Jazayer beach, Hidd Beach, Budaiya beach etc. Islands: If you are looking for sun, sand and a bit of adventure, then Hawar Islands is the place to go. The island is especially popular for birdwatchers and divers with its unique environment and habitat for endangered species. Reef Island is your go-to destination if you are looking for a place to spoil yourself and relax in luxury. It is a man-made island that is situated 2 km north of downtown Manama. The island features a five star hotel resort, waterfront apartments, yacht club, boutique retail, villas, spa hotel, lagoon apartments, a thirty floors apartment tower, marine retail, theatre/ exhibition halls and a marina. Souqs: A souq is a marketplace offering a variety of goods, such as spices, handicrafts, gold, pearls, traditional wears, eateries, poultry etc. This is definitely a must go to location in Bahrain, to immerse in the local culture first hand of the country. To name some Souq Waqif, Souq Al Manama, Gold Souq, Isa Town Souq, Souq al Haraj, etc.

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