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Welcome to AWS, Bahrain

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Local entertainment Entertainment: Bahrain offers several popular attractions for entertainment for all ages such as the Bahrain International Formula One Circuit, which is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced and architecturally stunning race track in the world. Another stunning architecture and an ambience that makes your day unforgettable, is the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park and Wahoo Water Park, a perfect blend of top-class water attractions and facilities. Head down to the City Centre for an array of indoor activities, such as bowling, arcade games, movies etc. The Spring of Culture event, which takes place in April, is a popular event that brings music, poetry, theatre and arts together. Bahrain also hosts several concerts round the year and details can be found on the official Bahrain Events page. Nightlife, Hotels and Clubs: During the day, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the amazing beaches, parks or lagoons but as the sun goes down the island becomes alive with a great nightlife featuring one of a kind exciting clubs and bars. Music is an integral part of the party culture seen in Bahrain nightclubs. Many of the best clubs in Bahrain have regular live music performances featuring trending bands from all around the world. The top location hotels have a massive combination of outdoor pools and indoor steam pools, bars, lounges and multiple restaurants, which target the high-class business travellers. You can find nightclubs where they play Western music (a mix of dance, pop, hip-hop etc.), clubs with Arabic music (where they also serve sheesha), hip-hop clubs, Indian clubs, and many others. Most of the nightclubs in Bahrain are part of a hotel and are known in connection to the hotel where they are located.

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