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Food & drink Dining Local Cuisines Bahraini cuisine is a definite must try, as you visit. Coffee is an important part of social life. Coffee shops are popular meeting places, and coffee is offered as a sign of hospitality. It is often flavored with cardamom and saffron. The cuisine features fish, shrimp, meat, rice, and dates. Machbous is a popular traditional dish of fish or meat served with rice. Other typical food includes muhammar, sweet brown rice with sugar or dates, and shāwarmah, spit- roasted lamb, beef, or chicken. Halwa is another traditional sweet, a green, sticky dessert filled with spices and nuts. Snacks known as sambousas are also popular; these are pastries filled with meat and cheese or sugar and nuts. Muslim holidays are often the occasion for large family meals. The breaking of the fast month of Ramadan is celebrated with feasts of traditional food, and a variety of special sweets and pastries. Drinks Alcohol is available in licensed venues in Bahrain and the legal drinking age is 18 or 21 (it depends on the establishment's rules). Alcohol is only allowed to be served in four- and five-star hotels and standalone licensed venues, and it is possible to buy alcohol for private consumption at select stores (or online for home delivery with certain brands). Drinking in public, or being caught inebriated, however, is not tolerated. A number of establishments in the country have been permitted to sell alcohol within a set of strict conditions

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