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Culture & etiquette tips Language and Religion: While the Kingdom is home to many different religions, Islam is the main practiced religion by the vast majority of Bahrainis. The effects of the Islamic and Arabic culture can be sensed through the local's hospitality, generosity, as well as their affable family ties, and neighbourhood bonds. Arabic is the official language of Bahrain, though English is widely understood and used for business purposes. Arts: Manama has several galleries that show the works of both nationals and expatriates. The Bahrain Museum and the National Heritage Centre showcase traditional works. The village of Sanabis is known for elaborate embroidery, often with gold thread, which the women sew onto their traditional dresses and cloaks. Fabric weaving is practiced, as is the weaving of mats from sea grasses. Another popular craft is the production of dhows, boats made of wood, according to a traditional design that does not use metal nails. Old-fashioned dhows have sails, and ones that are more modern use diesel engines. Music: Music is an important part of Bahraini life. There is a rich folk music culture, and fidjeri (songs once sung by pearl divers) are still heard. The music of Bahrain follows the traditional Arabic mode. It is elaborate and repetitive. It is played on the oud (an ancestor of the lute) and the rebaba (a one-stringed instrument). Bahrain also has a folk dance tradition. The ardha is a men's sword dance, which is accompanied by drumming and by a poet, who sings the lyrics. Sports: Football (soccer) is the most popular modern sport, while horse racing remains a national pastime. More than 20 types of Arabian horses are bred on the islands, and races are held weekly on Bahrain Island's large racecourse, which seats some 10,000 spectators. Traditional sports such as falconry and gazelle and hare hunting are still practiced. Camel racing is a popular public entertainment.

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