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Health & Safety The Kingdom of Bahrain is recognised for its advanced level of healthcare. In Bahrain, healthcare is available through public and private providers. It is free only for nationals. Dental and oral health services are divided into general dental services, specialized services, educational and preventive services, through a network of dental clinics health centers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Ministry of Health provides extensive maternal and child care services that include the care of the pregnant women and children during pregnancy to postpartum, periodic check-ups and vaccinations as well as other supportive e-Services such as Request for birth certificate and the Delivery Date Calculator. Emergency Contact: Most hospitals in Bahrain have an accident and emergency department that provides urgent medical care, 24/7. The official number for a medical emergency is 999 in Bahrain. Other emergency numbers for you to reach out are as follows: Police/ Fire department: 999 Ambulance: 998 National Emergency call center: 999 Fire accidents: 997 Emergency – casualty bureau: 990 Emergency – Criminal Investigations (CID): 992 Emergency – Coast Guard (CGD): 994 Traffic police: 199 International Emergency Number: 112

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