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Health & Safety The UAE's strong focus on medical care for its citizens and expatriate workforce has brought about far-reaching changes in the health care system in recent years. The World Health Organization's assessment ranked the UAE in the top 15% of all 190 WHO member countries in overall performance of its health care system. Embassies and consulates generally maintain lists of physicians, dentists, and medical facilities for the benefit of travellers. In addition, the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT) maintains a database of fully licensed, English-speaking doctors around the world. Office visits are available to IAMAT members at fixed rates advertised on the website: Emergency numbers • Ambulance/ Air rescue/ Police emergency- 999 • Ambulance – 999/998 • Police- 901 (Non-emergency) 999 (emergency) • Coast Guard- 996 • Fire Department- 997

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