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Culture & etiquette tips Relationship Building: Us Italians are energetic conversationalists who enjoy expressing enthusiasm for the topic at hand. In light conversation, don't be surprised if you are interrupted. Feel free to jump into lively conversation yourself - if you wait for everyone to pause and ask you for your thoughts, you might be waiting for a long time! Italian art, architecture, food and wine, cinema, and sports are all common topics for light conversation. Italy has a long and fascinating history and rich creative and culinary traditions. No matter your interests, you're sure to find plenty to talk about. There are a few topics that should be avoided in general, however: these include politics and religion - avoid bringing up the Vatican or the Pope - as well as taxes. Avoid criticizing any aspect of Italian culture, even if the Italians around you are doing it themselves. Avoid asking about the profession, income, or family of someone you've just met - these are considered personal questions. It's also a mistake to suggest that Italians from Northern, Central, and Southern Italy are the same. Each of these regions has a distinct cuisine and culture. To Italians, there is a large difference between regions, and many Italians have passionate opinions about which region is preferable. As a foreigner, it's best to avoid this conversation altogether. The concept of 'bella figura' doesn't just refer to dress in Italy - it encompasses your entire impression, of which manners are a big part. Italians take great pride in their manners, and will expect you to follow their social protocols. While it's impossible to be aware of everything, it's crucial to at least make an effort to display the elegant manners Italians appreciate.

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