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Renting in Zurich Practical information: • Houses are normally rented unfurnished, without even light fittings or curtains. Basic appliances are provided in larger blocks, there are often joint washing machines. There are some organizations that offer furnished properties - UMS Ltd Temporary Housing Switzerland is an example. • Accommodation for rent in Switzerland are usually rented for an initial 12-month period but in most of the cases (especially in Zurich) people tend to rent for a longer time. • You can expect balcony or a communal garden as outside space is important to the Swiss. • Rental contracts must be in writing, this will help protect your rights as an occupant. • A deposit is usually necessary, it varies from 1-3 months' rent. This should also be included in the contract. • The landlord or the estate agent can also charge you for the cost of advertising the property. Typically, this equals 1 month's rent. • In indefinite duration tenancy, a termination notice is given by one of the parties. There are minimum time frames for that staring from 2 weeks for furnished rooms and up to 6 months for business accommodation. For residential places it is 3 months. • If you have any problems with your landlord, you should contact the Swiss Government Housing Arbitration Agency for help.

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