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Welcome to AWS, Zurich

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Business & leisure Zurich is a multi-cultural city, don't worry if you don't speak fluent French or German it will not be an issue. The English language is commonly used thanks to the international community. What's it like working in Zurich? The city is known for its good work-life balance. The unemployment rate is quite low, in 2019 only 2.1 % of the population was unemployed with 4.58 % for the full country. You will quickly realise that lunch time is an important moment for Zürchers! (people living in Zurich). We take 1-hour lunch break and we do not eat at the desk! We always try to take the time to go to eat outside or do some sport outside when we have good weather. Lunch time is important city-wide, so don't expect to be calling administration or public office at this time! Public holidays 2021: • 1st January (New Year's Day) • 2nd April (Good Friday) • 5th April (Easter Monday) • 1st May (Labour Day) • 13th May (Ascension Day) • 24th May (Whit Monday) • 1st August (National Day) • 1st June (Whit Monday) • 1st August (National Day) • 25th December (Christmas Day) • 26th December (St Stephen's Day)

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