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Food & drink Drinks Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage among the Swiss but especially in Zurich (German- speaking part of Switzerland) where beer consumption is the highest. Wine is one of the most produced and consumed alcohols in Switzerland, even though they are not that well-known around the globe. Swiss wines are better when they are young, which is unusual if we compare this to other countries where matured wines are better. Most of wines in Switzerland are white. Liqueurs have increased its popularity in Switzerland. The most popular are: • Pflümli (brandy based on fermented plums) • Träsch ( A drink that is produced from aromatic pears) • Kirsch (Swiss brandy made from cherries, often used in sponge cakes) One of the most specific Swiss drinks is absinthe (a very strong drink made from wormwood, green anise, sweet dill various herbs.) created by physician Pierre Ordinaire in the Fench part of the country. Practical information Meal times: Lunch is usually served between noon and 2 pm, dinner from 6 pm to 9.30 pm. Many restaurants and pubs, especially in the cities, also offer continuous (11 am-10 pm) hot dishes. Price: An "à la carte" main course costs between 20 and 50 Francs. There are also many street stands selling sausages and other small dishes at much more affordable options. Tips: Not necessary in Switzerland as tips are usually included in the price. Drinking age: Legal age for drinking beer and wine is 16, for stronger alcohol it is 18 years.

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