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Tax, pay & finances Understanding your pay: Salary in France is typically paid in 12 monthly payments. Each employee is sent a pay slip. Opening a bank account: You are not getting paid, nor is anything getting done without a bank account, so here a quick overview of how to open one, if you're new to France. There are plenty of banks and accounts to choose form, but let's focus on what documents you will need to open one: • Valid, official ID – either national ID (EU issued) card or passport. • Proof of adress (un justificatif de domicile) which can be a bill for gas, electricity, insurance of property. Working hours: The legal working week in France is set at 35 hours, although in some industries more flexible hours apply under the terms of collective employment agreements. Holiday and leave: Employees are allowed two-and-a-half days of holiday for each month they work which equals to 25 days holiday per year. Women receive between 16-44 weeks of maternity leave depending on their number of children and whether it is a multiple birth (i.e. twins or triplets). Men can receive up to 11 days of paternity leave and 3 days of child leave. Salary review: Workers must have their salary reviewed annually and, depending on the sector, employees either have individual discussions or are represented more widely by their trade unions in pay discussions.

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