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Culture & etiquette tips The true meaning of lunch break: There will not be many people snacking while walking around during lunchtime. However informal the food, lunch is a sit-down affair, usually two courses with a drink followed by a coffee, and it is not unusual for a regular workday lunch to last about an hour or more. Appreciate cheeses before dessert: The order of service in the French gastronomic meal dictates that cheese is served after the main dish and before the dessert. This can be confusing to cultures more accustomed to cheese and crackers as a cocktail thing or cheese as a post- dessert platter. While the reason for this order is a matter of debate, the sequence is said to enhance the taste buds and prepare the palate for the sweet dessert that follows. L'apero magical hour: Far less informal than regular meals, the apéritif is the magical hour for socialising, relaxing, and marking the transition to downshift from work mode. It does not have to be fancy or expensive, and a glass of kir, a beer, a water with flavoured syrup, or even a sugary drink is enough. If the apéritif is at home, a few nibbles will be offered, and the get together can last anywhere between one to two hours, unless it's an "apéro-dinatoire" in which case, it will extend into an informal dinner. Public Holidays • New Year's Day: 1 January • Easter Sunday: 12 April • Easter Monday: 13 April • Labour Day: 1 May • Victory in Europe Day: 8 May • Ascension Day: 21 May • Whit Monday: 1 June • Bastille Day: 14 July • Assumption of Mary: 15 August • All Saints' Day: 1 November • Armistice Day: 11 November • Christmas Day: 25 December

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