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Health & Safety Registering for social security: When an employee has never been covered by French Social Security, their employer must carry out the formalities required to register them on: ameli. fr/paris. Social security registration will lead to the issuance of a social security number and an electronic registration card, the Vitale card ("Carte Vitale"). Social security number: The social security number is the number under which private individuals are registered to the national identification directory. It comprises of 13 digits and enables insured parties to obtain health and maternity care under the public health insurance system. Vitale card: The Vitale card is a chip card that proves that the insuree is registered with the local health insurance fund (Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie – CPAM) and is entitled to social security coverage. During medical consultations, it must be presented to the doctor so that social security can reimburse the patient's medical expenses and so that the latter may benefit from the third-party payer system. French emergency numbers: France has an infamously long list of emergency numbers for different services but the pan-European emergency number 112 can also be called for any type of emergency and an operator will direct you to the appropriate French department. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing could send text messages to 114. These general numbers can be called free of charge during any emergency from your mobile phone. Ambulance and emergency services (SAMU): 15 - The SAMU is the coordinated service to call in case of any serious medical emergency. A qualified doctor is always available to determine the type of response that best fits your situation, specifically, whether you need an ambulance. Fire brigade: 18 - The French fire brigade, called les sapeurs pompiers, can also be called in cases of medical emergencies, such as traffic and domestic accidents. Police: 17 - This number puts you in contact with the appropriate emergency police services nearest you, whether that is the Police Nationale or the Gendarmerie Nationale.

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