This page offers you short videos on AWS Account Managment, Cost Optimization, Reporting and Billing.

  • AWS EMEA Billing6:12

    AWS EMEA Billing

    Are you an AWS EMEA customer and want to learn more about the AWS EMEA Billing process? Watch this short video and learn more.

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  • Reserved Instance Utilization Report4:23

    Reserved Instance Utilization Report

    Watch this video on how to find out how the Reserved Instance Utilization report displays data about how an account has used its Reserved Instances.

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  • Reserved Instance Purchase Recommendations3:41

    Reserved Instance Purchase Recommendations

    Do you want to learn how to effectively utilize the Reserved Instance purchase recommendation tool? Watch this short video to learn how.

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  • AWS Cost Explorer3:21

    AWS Cost Explorer

    Are you wondering how you can understand and manage your AWS costs and usage over time? Watch our short video on Cost Explorer and learn more.

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  • AWS Migrating Accounts3:31

    AWS Migrating Accounts

    Do you want to learn how to migrate Accounts between AWS Organizations? If so, watch our short video on this topic.

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