Meet Guilherme, Business Development Representative

Guilherme  joined AWS as a Business Development Representative, based in London UK

HereAtAWS: Why did you apply for the graduate scheme at AWS?

Guilherme: My interest in the potential of technology for business had been growing for a while, ever since I moved to London, a centre for innovation. The cloud wave was, and still is, growing, and I took the chance to ride it. To me, AWS is the biggest player in the industry, and unique in that it is a large enterprise yet still flexible like a start-up. I was particularly drawn by the opportunities to learn and develop new skills during the graduate programme.

HereAtAWS: How did you hear about AWS graduate positions?

Guilherme: I first heard about AWS during my time as an exchange student at the University of Hong Kong. I then decided to look for opportunities to work at AWS in EMEA, ending up completing a summer internship in Madrid and being offered a place in the graduate program.

HereAtAWS: What’s the most exciting part of your role as a graduate?

Guilherme: I get to work within an energetic team of Amazonians and interact with a wide range of stakeholders at AWS. Every day there is an opportunity to fix business problems and improve processes, this is the Amazon culture to its fullest.

HereAtAWS: What makes being a graduate at AWS different from anywhere else?

Guilherme: As an AWS graduate you are given responsibility from day one. Whether you have recently joined or are more tenured in the business, you can take on new tasks and projects if you deliver results.

At the end of the program you are presented with flexible opportunities to work where you want within the organization. What’s more, as a growing company in a growing industry of a developing technology, starting your career as a graduate at AWS is truly unique.

HereAtAWS: Can you explain in simple terms: your role, who your customers are, and how you help them?

Guilherme: My role is to enable companies to leverage the AWS cloud as they grow. Every business is a customer, whether a niche start-ups or an established corporation. I provide customers with support for their AWS cloud adoption journey, supporting them with the resources they need to be successful.

HereAtAWS: Have you had to learn any specific new skills (technical or soft) for your role?

Guilherme: Every day! I have learnt to become more efficient and productive, dived deep on new customer analytics platforms and build relationships in a professional setting to develop my network.

HereAtAWS: What three words would you use to describe workdays at AWS?

Guilherme: Unpredictable. Enjoyable. Impactful.

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