Meet Karim, Go-To-Market Specialist

Karim joined AWS as a Go-To-Market Specialist, based in the DACH region.

HereAtAWS:What was your professional background before AWS?

Karim: I’ve been working in the IT world since the beginning of my career, in different layers of the Technology Stack, including the network layer as Network Admin in the Manufacturing Industry, the system layer as a System Engineer for a HW vendor, in consultancy as a team lead in an FS service provider, and then in a Sales Enablement role just before joining AWS. This allowed me to get a good understanding of the challenges, and personas working in those various environments, and get a good vocabulary to communicate at the different layers of the technology stack. 

HereAtAWS: Why were you interested in joining AWS?

Karim: The wide variety of technologies, coupled with colleagues having a real passion for what they are doing in their day to day job, were key for me to join AWS.

HereAtAWS: Could you describe your role at AWS?

Karim: Yes, I enable customers from various segment (Startup, ISVs, Enterprise, …) to move to the Cloud, through different types of interactions, like presentations, demos, workshops, local events. I also summarise the market evolution in the region I’m in charge of, and use it to plan any marketing or technical activities. I also report any customer needs to our engineering teams, in order to improve our services where it is needed.  

HereAtAWS: Who do you work with internally and externally?

Karim: I do work with a variety of people, like IT teams, Project Managers, CTOs, Enterprise architects from a customer and partner sides, as well as Account Managers, Partner development manager, Solution Architect and product managers from AWS point of view.

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